Posters For DJ Khaled’s Mysterious ‘Major Keys’ Hotline Pop Up ‘Round Syd

A PEDESTRIAN.TV writer was a-walkin’ down the street in Surry Hills this morning, when something caught his eye and he had to stop to fully comprehend what he had seen. 
He saw a poster stuck to a lamp post, with DJ Khaled‘s face printed on it, along with a 1300 telephone number. 
He snapped a few photos, before rushing to the office to call this mysterious number on speakerphone with the rest of the editorial team. 
Upon dialling 1300-306-215, we were treated to the dulcet tones of the man himself, who spoke of wanting to teach us, via some of his notorious Khaled-isms, the “keys to success”. 
He reminds us that ‘they don’t want us to win’, which is of course completely true, even if you don’t know who ‘they’ are or why these people are dedicating their lives to keeping you from knowing and winning. It’s just, like, fact. 
As Khaled fans might know, the rapper dropped his album ‘Major in July this year, so… a month and a bit ago. So if this hotline is advertising for the album, it may be slightly late. He sure as shit spruiks it a lot though. 
Plus, the rapper doesn’t have any information out about possible upcoming tours, so it couldn’t possibly be hype marketing for that… could it?
Or maybe, Khaled is just expanding his Snapchat kingdom, which is consistently filled with nuggets of wisdom regarding ‘success’, to other avenues in order to reach greater audiences. Maybe the man just wants to teach. 
Jfc, we don’t know. All we know is that if you want the keys to success or to hear DJ Khaled talk about his album or repeat some inspirational quote Lil’ Wayne once told him, there’s now a hotline you can call to bloody well do that.
Probably better education than ya uni degree, AMIRITE? Ayoooooo.

Photo: James McCann / PEDESTRIAN.TV.