Daryl Braithwaite’s Oral History Of ‘The Horses’ Video Clip Will Pick You Up, Pick You Up

It’s a legendary pub song with the power to unite an entire beer garden just before last drinks. A house party favourite perfect for the prime hoon hours. It’s also 30 years old.

Yep, the Daryl Braithwaite classic The Horses clocked in the big 3-0 this year, so PEDESTRIAN.TV decided to get him on the blower to dissect the song’s iconic – and deeply 90s – film clip.

He might have just released his brand new track Love Songs this year, but we wanted to take it all the way back to the sandy beaches of the beautiful NSW central coast for a hot minute.

We got the big man himself to go through all the big questions we had about the clip, like who exactly that nude toddler is on the beach, and if he ever fell over running full tilt in the shallows like that. Friends? He delivered.

Turns out he’s still thinking about that jumper-tucked-into-trousers situation three decades on, and not just because it was a stupidly hot summer’s day in the middle of January.

Oh, that kid who bares his full ass for the world to see (copping an eternity of shit in the process?) He reached out to Daryl a couple of years back to reconnect.

Daz told us that straight after filming The Horses (which started at 4.30am, mind you), he left Sandbar Beach, north of Newcastle, for a gig at St. George League Club – bringing a full sunburn and high-key heatstroke with him. Now that’s rock n’ roll…and a little bit of irresponsible sunscreen application and dehydration.

Who would have thought that the least alarming thing about The Horses would be the fact it’s a cover? Not me.