Harry Styles Couldn’t Stop Singing Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘Horses’ At Syd Gig

Harry Styles sung the iconic banger Horses about four glorious times because he’s a pure angel.

The song (originally by Rickie Lee Jones), adopted by Aussie icon Daryl Braithwaite got a whole lotta love tonight at Harry’s Sydney gig especially since he apparently FaceTimed Daryl last night for a lil’ g’day and giggles.

The former One Direction member is on his first solo tour since the band’s break-up and it’s safe to say he’s no longer the teen pop star we were all so obsessed with. These days, he’s all rock n’ roll and even though he may only have 10 original songs to perform, he’s still up there changing lives with covers and a coupla 1D songs for old times’ sake.

And just like in 2010, What Makes You Beautiful is still making a majority of young women scream their ovaries out.

Can we just…


OOOOOFFFT, I’m suddenly 14 again.

Anywhoo, in case Friday is bamboozling your brain…

This song is honestly the soundtrack to 60 per cent of Aussie ads.

So then this happened.

And then it happened again, and again.

And according to keen concert goers, Horses also played on the stadium speakers before the show even started.

Here’s Harry talking about the FaceTime with Daryl. You can kinda hear it over the eardrum-splitting screams.

Round of applause for Harry who actually knows the bloody lyrics, unlike someone else… Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, I’m looking at you. The ol’ dude was caught out at the Commonwealth Games doing a bit of the “um-ah-um-RIDING-ON-THE-PRIVATE-PLANE-NO-I-MEAN-HORSES” thang. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first time it’s happened but Malcolm still hasn’t learnt the lyrics yet.

Oh, and then Harry did the song one last time. Some fan apparently told him to stop and Harry jokingly tried to kick them out. What a bloody larrikin.

P.S Extra round of applause to P.TV Head of Editorial Josie for live-vlogging the events of this saucy night to me.


Happy, happy Friday.