He’s Finally Done It: Harry Styles Brought Daryl Braithwaite On Stage In Sydney To Sing Horses

Harry Styles

Well fina-fucking-ly: Harry Styles has brought Daryl Braithwaite on stage at his Sydney show on Saturday to sing ‘Horses’ together. Dreams do come true.

The song  ‘Horses’ by Daryl Braithwaite is a firm staple of Australian culture. It’s the kind of song you’ve heard at the reception at your boomer auntie’s wedding, your school disco and at some of the dirtiest nightclubs on the east coast.

Without a doubt, ‘Horses’ is an Australian treasure – so it’s no surprise that Harry Styles has been singing it at all his Australian gigs.

In fact, he’s been slinging ‘Horses’ since 2018 – where he sang it a whopping four times at one gig in Sydney. What a king.


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Despite singing it at his gigs, fans have been eagerly waiting for Braithwaite to make an appearance. He’s even been spotted at one of this year’s Melbourne shows, but alas he never made it up on stage.


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This is Styles’ second Sydney show, the first being on Friday night. Friday’s show was also eventful, with Styles helping one fan come out to her family.

During one moment, Styles zeros in on a fan named Asal – who is holding a sign that reads “my family is all here, help me come out”.

Of course, Harry obliges and gets the crowd to cheer for Asal why he sways the queer flag back-and-forth.

The heart-warming footage was captured by TikToker Sally (@sllymcmlln) who is a Sydney journalist and music writer.


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That’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin’We’ll be riding on the horses, yeahWay up in the sky, little darlin’And if you fall I’ll pick you up, pick you up

Simply iconic.