Cricket Australia have gone a pretty interesting route with their brand new TV commercial campaign, about a fella named Daryl. They’ve decided to publicly shame him. 

Now, Daryl is never actually seen during the ad. We do not know who Daryl is, nor do we ever find out. All we know is that Daryl is the so-called “cricket lover” who always finds an excuse to not go to the match; he’s the bloke that decided to stay home, and missed something really, really important.

We’ve all been Daryl at some point in our lives. It’s hard to forgive yourself when you miss something absolutely huge. Being around mates afterwards while they discuss how ~amazing it was~ will leave you feeling absolutely devastated. Your FOMO gets much, much worse after you pull a Daryl. It’s just not worth it. 

Don’t be Daryl, everyone: Cricket Australia begs you. Daryl’s a bloody drongo. 

via Cricket Australia.