This Is Allegedly The Woman Who Catfished Casey Donovan For Six Years

Earlier this week, a nation’s intrigue was piqued and held captive by an anecdote told by former Australian Idol Casey Donovan in her intensely sexy memoir Casey Donovan: Big, Beautiful & Sexy that made itself heard above the absurd din of daily life. 
That story took its cues from a six-year relationship the then-teenage Donovan entered into over the phone with a man named ‘Campbell’, who for reasons of not existing would never show up whenever the two made plans – like meeting in person for the first time, or having dinner, or (reportedly) getting engaged. 
In an extract published Tuesday and taken from said memoir, Donovan then revealed that Campbell was nought but an elaborate ruse doctored by her former best friend ‘Olga‘, a manipulative Catfish with whisker-like barbels around the mouth and absolutely zero scruples about duping a clearly emotionally vulnerable teenage Donovan into the act of sexual congress under the pretence that it was part of Campbell’s wishes.
Now The Daily Telegraph have revealed by means of an anonymous source the alleged identity of Olga, whose real name is (reportedly) Jade Katie Cavanagh. This, apparently, is Australia’s Favourite Catfish. 
Do with this information what you will:
Photo: Lisa Maree Williams via Getty; Facebook via The Daily Telegraph