New Casey Donovan Memoir Excerpt Sheds Light On Horrific Catfishing Ordeal

When Casey Donovan revealed in 2014 that she was in a fake relationship she though was completely legit for 6 years, it was wild – and heartbreaking – news.

The ex-Idol star re-released her memoir, Big, Beautiful and Sexier this month, which covers the harrowing and ongoing catfishing the singer experienced in which her friend Olga kept up a ruse for six years, convincing Casey she was in a relationship with a man known as ‘Campbell’.

Olga was introduced to Casey’s life as Campbell’s friend – turning up at her house one day instead of Campbell, who Olga said was ‘too drunk to drive’. Their friendship developed quickly, and at one point Casey and Olga had sex after pressure from ‘Campbell’.

Now, Casey’s given Sunday Life an excerpt from her memoir which details the moment she realised Campbell was in fact just Olga catfishing her.

Credit: Facebook

In the excerpt she explains it was her manager Jason Williamson who raised doubts about the existence of Campbell, and suggested Olga might be the one behind the ruse.

Casey told him she’d never met Campbell after a gig.

He looked at me, confused, not quite sure what I was talking about. “I’ve never seen him. Campbell, I mean. I’ve never met him, have never actually been with him. I’ve only ever spoken to him on the phone.” I put one hand over my mouth, like I was trying to put the words back in. It tasted horrible and gritty, finally admitting it to someone.

It was then that he suggested Olga might be catfishing the singer.

“I started getting angry,” she explained. “Not at Jason, but at myself for being so stupid. I broke down, sobbing, the kind of sobbing that steals your breath away.” 

Jason then took Casey, along with his partner Chris, around to the apartment complex Campbell allegedly lived in.

After picking up Chris, we pulled up outside the house Olga had previously claimed was Campbell’s. There was no way I was going to the door, so we made Chris go. He’s such a nice and non-threatening guy. If Campbell was there, Chris wouldn’t intimidate him. Jason would probably punch him and I’d probably do the same.

When Chris returned, Casey’s worst fears were realised – no one called Campbell lived at the residence.

That’s where the excerpt ends (you can read it in full on the SMH website) but Casey of course delves into the experience in-depth in her memoir.