Please Enjoy The Chats’ New Festive Banger ‘I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down’

It might only be the 24th, but today’s a day full of gifts, and perhaps none are bigger, jauntier, or more Stick-In-The-Head than The Chats, who have very quietly presented us all with what should probably be our new anthem, a festive Christmas tune that goes by the name of I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down.

[jwplayer kZ1UKZzl]

Chats frontman Eamon Sandwith popped the acoustic jam up on social media earlier today, and it has already got people reconsidering their Hottest 100 votes.

A knee-slapping number that clocks in at a taut and trim 1:30, I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down tells the story of a young man who wants nothing more than to see the inept and uncaring Prime Minister of his country be karmically slugged with a burned down house.

It’s a simple wish, really. Not even remotely out of the question when you think about it.

Incidentally, the song – which has thus far attracted well in excess of 100k views in a few short hours – is being used to aid fundraising efforts for the various volunteer firefighting groups currently risking life and limb to protect land and property, even despite no official Government pay. If that sounds like reason enough to dig a bit deeper, all the donation info can be found here.

All we want, and all we need? All we crave is for Scott to leave.