While I’m having a hard enough time trying to figure out 10 songs that encapsulate the last decade of my life for the Hottest 100 of the 2010s, other folks are out here listing 10 albums that perfectly describe them as a person. Ten albums to cover nearly 30 years of my life on this wretched planet? Good lord I’m breaking out in a sweat at the thought.

The latest trend on Twitter has folks thinking about their existence as a series of records, a list that describes the full spectrum of their lives and describes them as a person. It absolutely stinks of Big Myspace Energy and I’m hugely here for it – as much as I absolutely cannot tell you what my list would be.

It actually started with ‘7 Albums To Know Me’, kicked off by @graphicAlexandr on Twitter, which includes Dido’s Love For Rent and honey, who hurt you?

But because seven albums apparently isn’t enough of a challenge, others have expanded it out to 10 albums. I still don’t know what I would put for mine. How do I even explain my existence through 10 full albums?

Akilah’s list here is pretty close to what I imagine mine to be, I reckon. Maybe some Amy Winehouse for sultry mood, some Postal Service to cover my Ongoing Peppy Emo Phast, some Lonely Island to explain my dumbass humour.

The lists are a pretty good peek into the psyche of people I absolutely do not know whatsoever, though. Like this mate who slingshots from John Mayer and Frank Ocean to Lauryn Hill. We truly can never escape our deepest sadboy vibes, can we?

Or this one, where we go from the fierceness of Beyonce and that iconic album from Xtina (when she was still Xtina and not Christina Aguilera) to the deep angst that Alanis Morrissette that emanates from pretty much everyone that lived through the 90s, and the pure pop sugar of Spice Girls. I simply have to stan this Phillip Picardi, here.

Ok so after a bit of soul searching, I’ve figured out my 10 albums. Please enjoy:

Image: Marvel Studios