Taylor Swift Stirs World’s Emotions, Tells Calvin Harris ‘I Love You’ On Stage

The Internet is currently losing its damn mind over video footage of Taylor Swift mouthing ‘I love you’ to boyfriend Calvin Harris during a concert at LA’s Staples Center last night.
It all started when one astute fan noticed one DJ CH chilling in the sound booth at the 1989 World Tour show and uploaded it to Tumblr
He’s the skinny white dude next to the bloke who looks as if he’s had a few too many biscuits #justsaying.
It was a free-for-all from that point on, with every gesture to the crowd sparking a HOLY FUCKING SHIT SHE TOTALLY BLEW THAT KISS TO CALVIN, not the 18,000-odd fans who were there to see her.
Then, at the end of the show – as she took her final bow after an energetic AF performance of ‘Shake It Off’ – TayTay took a bow in front of her adoring masses before staring down someone (CALVIN) in the sound booth and articulating the worlds ‘I love you’.
Here’s the footage:

Obviously there’s no ACTUAL way of proving TayTay was directing those three little words at her BF and it DEFINITELY could have been her way of expressing <3 to her fanboys and girls.
Oh wait, there is, and it wasn’t?

That’s that then.

In other 1989 news, Ellen DeGeneres and Alanis Morrissette and the latest inductees of into Tay’s #GirlSquad.
Ellen pranced ’round on-stage in a glittery tutu and Alanis sang a duet of ‘You Outta Know’.

*inhales deep breaths*

Images via Tumblr/Twitter.