Taylor Swift Fans Reckon Her Next Album Is Gonna Be About Mermaids & OK, Sure

Fans reckon Taylor Swift has been dropping sneaky hints about her follow-up to 2017’s Reputation, and they’ve concluded that it’s got something to do with mermaids.

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The proof is in Swift’s NYE party costume choice – Ariel from The Little Mermaid – which must mean SOMETHING.

Another clue turned up at the end of her Reputation tour doco on Netflix, which dropped on NYE, when Swift skips off in a post-credits scene wearing a shirt that definitely has something otherworldly on it.

Image source: Netflix. 


And the third piece of evidence supporting the fan theory is the mermaid patch on a jacket she was wearing in one of the Reputation magazines.

Another massive fan pointed out that Swift might have the same type of flowers in her garden as Ariel uses to play ‘He loves me, he loves me not…’ in the movie, but they’re meant be daisies aren’t they? Not convinced there.

Maybe though, just maybe, the girl just likes mermaids, because they’re cool as shit.

Still it hasn’t stopped people fantasising about what a mermaid TS record would be like, one fan writing that mermaids in stories are “murderous and beautiful“, which would be an excellent jumping off point.

Or it might just be another ‘Love Story‘, which is fine too.

Then there’s this little piece of mind-melding about the iconic Disney flick The Little Mermaid and its tenuous link to Swift.

Now an alternate theory is that what Swift’s trying to say is either, she’s in the live action Little Mermaid OR would really like to be, please and thank you.

WE JUST DON’T KNOW. And we wont know for sure until she decides to drop another album.

May as well keep the mermaid-sleuthing going in the meantime though.