Taylor Swift Says New Album And Song Titles Are Hidden In The ‘Me!’ Video

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, a marketing genius who knows just how to keep her fans on the edge of frenzy at all times, has revealed that there are a number of very important details in the video for her song ‘Me!‘ that nobody has picked up on yet.

The singer, who teased the video for weeks with a countdown clock, and for weeks before that with a series of cryptic butterfly-laden Instagram posts, took to Twitter to reveal that the title for her upcoming album and next single are hidden somewhere in the video.

Swift fans tend to be a bit obsessive – I know this first-hand because my various group chats have been lighting up for months with speculation about the upcoming TS7 – so this announcement is a pretty ingenious move on her behalf.

For one, it’ll keep her name at the forefront of the conversation, but for another, it’ll make sure that hardcore Swifties keep coming back to the ‘Me!’ video over and over again, searching it for clues and pushing the view count up and up.

Some fans weren’t sold on the upbeat bop, finding it to be too much of a pivot from the comparatively dark and moody Reputation era, although for the record, I’m one of the people who enjoyed it – I don’t care, drag me.

The pastel-hued pop confection has racked up 82 million views and counting since it launched two days ago, and this latest announcement will definitely give it a boost a people try and figure out what important detail they’ve missed.

So what will Taylor Swift call her next album and song? Based on a rewatch of the video, here are some thoughts:

  • Butterfly
  • Unicorn
  • Lover, but stylised with a little heart instead of an o
  • Don’t Ever Talk To Me Or Our Young Daughters Again
  • Featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco

Some fans reckon that the theme of kaleidoscopes in the video and Tay’s recent Instagram posts might be important, but again, it’s anyone’s guess. Stay tuned, folks, because we’re in for weeks more of this as she continues to tease details about her upcoming seventh album.