We've partnered with Jack Daniel's for Season 2 of Empty Room Sessions to keep live music, well, alive.

Good news, Australia – live music continues on through the interwebs.

Mary’s Empty Room Sessions is returning for Season 2 thanks to the support of Jack Daniel’s. A stack of local musos will be given the chance to play a live set at the iconic Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney, which is part of the Mary’s family and home to Mary’s On Top, and the set will then be available for those of us to stream at home (head here to be taken straight to the online venue).

Kicking off on November 12 at 4.20pm, the first episode of Empty Room Sessions will see triple j faves Sons of the East absolutely dominating the stage (read: your screens), with subsequent episodes to go live every Thursday at the same time with 11 new bands.

The first season, which aired back in May, saw sets from Cult Shφtta, Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, Mini Skirt, C.O.F.F.I.N, Totally Unicorn, The Buoys, Arse, The Pinheads, Baby Beef, Lil Spacely, Johnny Hunter, and Planet.

Check out the chaotic set of Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents and tell me you weren’t transported to a place with sticky floors, plastic pints and sweaty bodies immediately.

If you miss the livestream (4.20pm every Thursday from November 12, write it down now), not to worry – every set will be housed on Mary’s YouTube page for all of eternity.

But still, there’s no matching the feeling of watching a gig at the same time as everyone else, so try to make it on the Thursday. If you work until 5:30 or night shifts, tell your boss you lost an arm in a freak calligraphy accident and you won’t be able to make the shift (but you’ll be in next week after a speedy arm reattachment surgery).

Just so there’s absolutely no confusion whatsoever, here are the details in crystal-clear formatting:

Jack Daniel’s Mary’s Empty Room Sessions every Thursday at 4.20pm from November 12 (HEAD HERE).

Kick back in your jocks, crack a Jack, close your eyes and you’ll come closer to an actual, in-person gig than you have in months.

Image: Mary's