Sydney’s Iconic Basement Is Getting Revived By The Mary’s Team

The blokes behind Mary’s have been busy boys in the six years since opening their Newtown dive bar/burger joint. Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have expanded their headbanging empire to a Mary’s outpost in the CBDThe Unicorn Hotel in PaddingtonThe Lansdowne and Mary’s Pizzeria in Chippendale, slinging fancy natty wines out of P&V on Enmore Rd, and cropping up at plenty of festivals and events across the country.

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Now they’re taking their love of live music to another venue, another revival, this time breathing new life into the jazzy space formerly known as The Basement, which closed its doors in early 2018.

With it’s the new name of Mary’s Underground, the venue underneath 7 Macquarie Place will be a two-speed spot opening in May, with hard and fast burgers being slung out upstairs for casual dining, and downstairs will service the more ~intimate~ dining with a Euro-American vibe happening, with both menus having a slant towards plant-based dishes. Who knew that the lads who bring you shitty food done well could scrub up and do fine dining?

Image: Supplied

It’d be rude to not include some live music if you’re reviving a venue, so the Mary’s team will be working on bringing a vast range of shows to the Underground, ranging from bluegrass to jazz, rock n’ roll to electro – it’s a big scope, but we’re sure they’ll curate the venue perfectly so it won’t feel out of place to be listening to some weird scatty jazz while munching on some fried chicken.

And considering the lads know their eco-friendly natty wines, the booze list at the renewed venue will champion hyper-sustainable and zero-waste drops, with a huge focus on Aussie plonk.

The space is still under reno’s at the moment (though they’ve promised they’re not going to touch the charm of the place too much), so when we get more info about the opening of Mary’s Underground, we’ll definitely give you a shout.