I’d like to personally thank Sydney boys Polish Club for adding a hefty dose of sunshine to our Friday morning. The duo put their spin on Doja Cat‘s TikTok smash hit ‘Say So‘ for triple j’s Like A Version this morning and needless to say, it’s pretty fucking delightful.

In an interview following their performance, they admitted to only rehearsing the song once which is tres hard for me to believe, as it all comes together perfectly. On choosing the song David Novak said “Some people think it’s crass but it’s kinda sweet”The sugary vibes are in full force in their rendition. Think less disco, more romance.

My high-key fave thing about this cover is Polish Club not feeling the need to change the gendered lyrics around. “Why bother?” David said. “I can’t sing to a guy? I can’t have ass and titties? I do what I want and you should be so lucky” Hot, bravo, WAP.

Check out the full interview here.

They also continue to fill the live music sized hole in your heart by also performing their original song, ‘Breakapart‘ which you can enjoy below.

In bad news, Polish Club do not simultaneously perform the dance, but since they are playing instruments, they get a pass.

The band are no strangers to Like A Version, covering Flume‘s ‘Never Be Like You‘ last time they were on the show. 

An early Hottest 100 pick from me TBH.