Dua Lipa‘s producer Ian Kirkpatrick, the mastermind behind one of the year’s biggest anthems ‘Don’t Start Now’, recently stated that he wished the track had sounded more like Doja Cat‘s fellow disco bop ‘Say So’.

Speaking with W Magazine, the producer stated the current Billboard number 1 was his current obsession and wished that he was able to harness more of ‘Say So’s energy into the production of ‘Don’t Start Now’.

“That is the sound I wish I could have made ‘Don’t Start Now’ sound like,” he stated. “I mean, I love ‘Don’t Start Now.’ I stand by it. But doesn’t that record sound so classy and beautiful?”

As expected, Dua stans aren’t happy about the comment. ‘Don’t Start Now’ is pretty damn iconic, after all.

(Last one is factual.)

Even though Kirkpatrick, a producer, has every right to express his opinions on past tracks and look at other sounds for inspiration – particularly sounds that exist within a similar genre –  he should be able to show his love for ‘Say So’ without pooping on ‘Don’t Start Now’ in the process. After all, both tracks are so unbelievably great, and are able to exist together in a beautiful symbiosis.

Kirkpatrick previously worked with Dua on “New Rules”, alongside other stars such as Selena Gomez (“Look at Her Now”, “Bad Liar”, “Back to You”), Jason Derulo (“Want to Want Me”) and Nick Jonas (“Levels”).

Stream ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘Say So’ for clear skin and retro eargasms.