Sydney soul/garage rock duo Polish Club are dropping a brand new album on March 31st, and we’ve gotta hand it to ’em: they’ve got a super great promo shtick for the album.

The band’s biggest cheerleader is the actual manager of the Polish Club in AshfieldLucian Romanowski – and they’ve tapped him to promote Alright Already via a series of song teasers and general Polish banter on a hotline the band has set up. Check out the promo:

The number, in case you didn’t have the patient or mental fortitude for a 9 second video, is (02) 9207 0647.

We spoke to guitarist and vocalist Novak, who said that despite his Polish heritage, he’s not actually that plugged into it – so obviously he needed to amp it up to 11 for the new album:

I know almost nothing about Poland. My dad is technically from there, but I really have no idea about anything Polish. I barely know any words, let alone anything about the culture or history. I just love eating cabbage rolls and potato pancakes. 

So of course we decided to promote our album with the most Polish shit ever, involving the owner of the Polish Club in Ashfield and provoking a barrage of comments in Polish from random Poles who seem to have an awful lot to say about the Polish Club in Ashfield. I’m going to go ahead and pretend all of those consonant-heavy Polish words translate to passionate support for our not-at-all Polish sound.

We also spoke to Lucian, who backed them to the very end. “I think Polish Club have the right attitude and they are talented and creative.” he said. They should watch the latest movie ‘La La Land’ or ‘Whiplash’ and learn something from it.” Absolutely bang on.

Have a squiz at their latest single Come Party:



Photo: Polish Club.