Stream New Julian Casablancas Track “River Of Brakelights”

After taking us to the 11th Dimension Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas takes a detour to anxiety-town (population you bro) in “River Of Brakelights”, the second single from Casablancas’ debut solo outing Phrazes for the Young.

For purists who love the arm’s length detachment, don’t fret, Julian’s down the phone vocal delivery is still in tact – version 2.0 just imbues the drawl with more desperation. The music however, is the busiest and most schizophrenic of any Strokes output we’ve heard. It sounds like Casablancas is calling the other Strokes from a panic room while the Cluttered-Song monster lurks just outside. Evidently, no one picked up the phone and the dude got devoured.

PHRAZES FOR THE YOUNG is out November 3rd on Cult Records/RCA (US).

Title Image by Simone Joyner via Getty