Strap In: Run The Jewels Are Releasing A Virtual Reality Music Vid

Hip-hop duo Run The Jewels have always been known for being at the cutting edge of music content and culture. Now they’ve upped the ante with an upcoming virtual reality music video for their track ‘Crown’, which appeared on their sophomore album ‘Run The Jewels 2′.

Viewable with any kind of VR headset, the video is directed by Oscar-nominee Peter Martin, the clip is supposed to drop viewers into a ‘360ª cinematic landscape’, which sounds kinda wild. As VR kits like the Oculus Rift start to take off and become more affordable, we’re gonna see a lot more music artists experimenting with content in that space.
It’s produced by VR wizards at Wevr. Anthony Batt, co-founder and executive vice president, said “Run The Jewels was at the top of our list to work with in VR because they tell immersive stories set to music and art. I believe their brand of hip hop will lead VR in the right direction and we’re stoked to be collaborating with them to bring VR to a larger audience.”
They’ve released a teaser clip, and it’s pretty trippy. Basically you’re standing in the middle of a circle of four constantly changing figures who alternately rap, aim guns and leer at you. Intense. Have a gander:

Source: Run The Jewels.
Image: Getty Images / Gary Miller.