Listen To Run The Jewels’ Cat-Sampling ‘Meow The Jewels’ Cut, ‘Meowlry’

What started out as a joke pandering to the internet’s one true love, and ended up being a fully-fledged entity, legendary duo Run The Jewels have delivered the first track off an album re-cut entirely with cat noises, ‘Meow The Jewels‘. Peak internet; peak 2015.

A kickstarter for the album—essentially a feline-led recreation of ‘RTJ2’—brought the project to life last year, after raising over $65,000 from fans. El-P confirmed last week that the project was testing his limits. 

The debut offering of ‘Meow The Jewels’, ‘Meowlry‘ (a remix of ‘Early‘) is as gloriously dumb and amazing as you’d expect; featuring and produced by Boots. The clincher of the work, however, is in regards to its profits – part of which will be donated to victims’ families of police brutality, including the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown

Run The Jewels’ third album sadly won’t be upon us until at least 2016.

Listen to ‘Meowlry’ below. <3