Splendour In The Grass Timetable & Prep List

With less than two weeks until Splendour In The Grass we’ve been balls deep in excitement and now that the set times have been posted we’ve been struck down with the inevitable pre-festival wig out: Do you sacrifice half of Goldfrapp to guarantee a good viewing spot for the Pixies? Should you schedule a hip hop fix to break up the indie-rock onslaught by choosing K-OS over Whitley (even though Whitley’s you cousin)? Will your reputation be at risk if you follow my heart and spend the first half of the day dancing shirtless in the Phunken Tipi Forest.

Fortunately there are few major overlaps, however that depends entirely on your personal taste. Check all the times here.

There is something uniquely primitive about dancing in a field with thousands of other people wearing mud, smiles and OR scrubs. But not so primitive you can turn up without pants. Thus, proper preparation is essential to ensure you’re equipped to deal with whatever the festival can throw at you.

Dust off those gumboots and ready your bin liners. Even though the location has changed, Splendour is a notoriously wet weekend and while mud and merriment go hand in hand, no one wants to hang out with a person smelling like The Rocks circa Playing Beatie Bow.

Pack sensibly. Sure a backpack will make you look like a sensible dad. But you know the best thing about sensible dads? They always have dry socks, clean underwear and surprisingly wild sex. Sunscreen, poncho or bin liner, tissues (better than Kimberly Clarke one ply), a lighter, lip balm and cash.

Timing is everything. Pissing in front of others is rock bottom. Yes I’m jealous that you can do it standing up but you don’t need to shove it in my face. Don’t wait til your up to your eyeballs in wee before heading to the portaloos or you’ll risk breaking this very basic rule of courtesy.

Make good decisions. Don’t see the Pixies just because your friends have told you the Pixies are a legendary band. There’s no shame in choosing party tunes over indie cred.

Have an organic donut because they are off the hook.

More information and all questions answered at splendourinthegrass.com

Title Image by Luke Latty