Behold The Utter Carnage That Is The Splendour In The Grass Aftermath

And just like that, as quickly as it started, Splendour In The Grass is over for another year. 

With music still ringing faintly in their ears, and mud still clinging to their once-pristine shoes, thousands of Byron Bay campers are waking up to greet a bright, chilly morning, rubbing their bleary eyes and thinking “faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark, look at all this.”
Now the festival is over, all that’s left is the clean-up – the tents half-down, the tarps swaying sadly in the breeze, the sad, broken chairs and crushed tinnies abandoned on the grass, and the rubbish, oh god, the rubbish.
Behold, the carnage left behind in the Splendour camping section this morning:
This gazebo is at half-mast to represent the campers who didn’t make it:
Hey, on the bright side, there’s a free nut bar lying around somewhere if you want it:
These pinwheels represent the hopes and dreams of people who just realised they’ll have to be back at work in less than 24 hours:
Traffic’s a bloody disaster, m8. May as well catch a few more hours’ shut-eye:
Stay strong, Splendour campers. Even if your head’s feeling a bit sore this morning, and there’s a mountain of trash in front of you, never forget the good times:

Images via Alex Bruce-Smith