We Chatted To Ya Boi Snoop Dogg About Martha Stewart & Going Green (In More Ways Than One)

“We only get one beautiful planet and it’s important we try to take care of it,” Snoop Dogg tells me as we discuss the importance of going green.

Like the rest of us, ya boi’s been kicking back and cooking up a storm this year while also getting shit done, including locking in some sick endorsement deals.

And his latest collab is one that’s near and dear to him, a brand new partnership with SodaStream. Why the heck is a sparkling water maker near and dear to him? Well first up, ‘cos it’s beneficial for the environment (you can save up to 2000 single-use plastic bottles from entering landfill or our environment, by using one SodaStream reusable bottle).

But also because a SodaStream can be used to mix a nice bevvy.

“If I can have my sparkling gin and juice and help the planet too, that’s a win-win,” he says.

Too true, Snoop. Too true.

Hey Snoop! So first up, what made you decide to partner with SodaStream?

I relate to their environmental commitment. They created an easy way to reduce single-use plastic waste, and I’m all for it. If I can have my sparkling gin and juice and help the planet too, that’s a win-win.

I love my sparkling water maker. I like to add to my sparkling water, my own mixers and my favourite gin. It’s like having a bartender in your own house.

Are you passionate about the environment?

I am, we only get one beautiful planet and it’s important we try to take care of it. We can’t keep using one disposable thing after another. SodaStream is an easy way to make better choices.

I carbonate my own drinks at home using their machine and reusable bottle. Think of how many plastic bottles you can stop buying in a grocery store over the course of a year or two… it’s crazy!

What do you do to live more sustainably?

I am all about that plant-based food. I want to have a healthy diet and a healthy impact on the environment. I’m all about that plant.

I’m obsessed with your friendship with queen Martha Stewart. What do you guys get up to?

Martha is great, my friendship with her is one I developed later in life, and I’m thankful for it. We have a lot of fun! We don’t smoke, but we do drink when we’re together. She likes to drink and so do I.

Besties Snoop and Martha. (Credit: Instagram)

How / where are you celebrating the holidays this year?

I’ll be celebrating at home with my family. This year it’s all about spending quality time together and being thankful that we’re healthy and happy.

What is the message of this campaign?

To encourage people to make the most of this holiday season. Whether that be cooking a family recipe, putting the phones away or just watching a movie on the couch, it’s important to cherish this special time together. And also, to apply this to the environment, make the small change with a big impact.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works? Any new music or movies?

Yes, I’m gonna be hosting a new talent competition show called Go Big Show which will premiere next year. I get to watch all these people do crazy things like train alligators and drive monster trucks, shoot bow and arrows… it’s gonna be wild, man. That reminds me, I need to get a SodaStream for my dressing room.

And lastly, any advice for P.TV readers?

Just be you. I personally feel a key to my brand is that I stay true to who I am. No matter what the scenario, I keep it 100 percent Snoop Dogg.