The Whole OG S Club 7 Lineup (!!!) Is Bringing It Back This Year For A 25th Anniversary Tour

s club 7 reunion original lineup

Huge news for those of up who did not stop and never gave up: the original S Club 7 lineup is reuniting for a tour to celebrate the pop group’s 25th anniversary. My deepest apologies to everyone who suddenly felt the march of time smack them in the back of the head but yes it’s been that long since S Club 7 hit our lives and discmans.

The OG S Club — including Bradley McIntoshHannah SpearrittJo O’MearaJon LeePaul CattermoleRachel Stevens and Tina Barrett — have announced an extensive tour of the UK and Ireland for October this year.

Sure, they might only be hitting a range of shows in the motherland and surrounds but it’s the first time we’ve seen the whole gang back together in God know’s how long. Not S Club 5 or S Club 3 — it’s S Club 7 and we are ready to be gettin’ down as much as our knees will allow us.

The ’00s essential pop group dropped a statement with the tour announcement and said they’re excited to be bringing the official S Club Party back later this year.

“After eight years it feels amazing to announce that we’re reuniting and performing together again,” the band said.

“We can’t even believe it’s been so long! Music and friendship have always been at the core of everything that we’ve ever done. We hope everyone can join us for one big party!!”

I dunno about you but something in that has got me digging out my bandana, sparkly halter neck top, Baby G watch and capri pants for a night out.

While there are no Aussie dates (that we know of… yet), nothing is stopping us from snagging tickets and booking flights to the UK just to see S Club 7 smash out all their hits at London’s O2. Icons only!!!

Bugger it, let’s chuck some shimmery eyeshadow and body glitter on and reach for the stars for old-time’s sake.