Rihanna’s Tweets Lead To Shutdown Of Thai Sex Show

RiRi to the rescue (accidentally). Authorities have shut down an illegal sex show operating in the tourist resort of Soi Bangla, Thailand, after blazin’ pop star and giver of no phucks Rihanna sent a series of very descriptive tweets about the show to her 32 million followers in September. The Daily Mail reports that the owner of the bar where the sex show took place “was arrested for operating an entertainment venue without a permit and for providing a lewd show,” adding that “It was the result of the visit by Rihanna. The authorities will be more strict towards inappropriate shows or wildlife attractions.”

Sounds like she might have needed an umbrella (ella, ella). During the Thai stopover, Rihanna also inadvertandently aided in the plight of the impossibly cute slow loris – an instagram picture of her cuddled up to one of the wide-eyed but protected fuzzballs prompted a police raid of Bangla Road, who rescued two of the endangered animals from touts illegally using the animals for tourist snaps.

Via The Daily Mail