R. Kelly Claims He’ll Be Touring Australia “Soon” & Sure You Will, M8

In spite of literally everything else going on in his life right now, R. Kelly apparently still has the absolute nerve to not only try and announce an upcoming tour, but an upcoming tour of Australia to boot.

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The embattled asshole posted on Twitter earlier this morning, claiming he’ll be touring Australia, as well as New Zealand and Sri Lanka of all places, “soon.”


This follows a previous Australian tour announcement that was cancelled virtually as quickly as it was announced in December, one in which venues listed on the run of dates claimed they were never booked for the shows in the first place.

According to the image R. Kelly posted, this attempt at the tour is being handled by locally-based promotion group Flamingo Dreamz, who have been responsible for past Australian tours from the likes of CiaraJa Rule, Ashanti, and Fatman Scoop. This would be their first tour from the subject of an active sexual assault investigation.

R. Kelly is still dealing with the long-overdue fallout of his repeated (alleged, he stresses so the lawyers don’t give him a wedgie) misconduct; behaviour that was re-highlighted following the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series which aired in early January. The series featured interviews with several women who outright accused R. Kelly of sexually abusing and harassing them, as well as from industry insiders who revealed details of the long-known “open secret” of Kelly’s misconduct and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of women, many of whom were underage.

Following the documentary, Kelly’s record label Sony BMG dropped the embattled shithead, and prosecutors in New York, Chicago, and Atlanta re-opened criminal investigations into the 52-year-old.

Kelly’s supposed former manager turned himself into police last month, following accusations he threatened the family of one of the women Kelly is said to be currently holding against her will.

Our take? This “tour” probably isn’t gonna go so great.