Good Morning, Here’s The Obamas Turning Up For Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Concert

If the collective world didn’t already miss Barack and Michelle Obama enough, video has surfaced overnight of them just completely letting loose to Beyoncé and Jay-Z at their On The Run II show in Washington DC.

[jwplayer 1MUiOSjB]

After Michelle – arguably Beyoncé’s biggest fan – was snapped truly feeling her oats at a gig in Paris, she dragged her husband along for round two at the DC stop on the weekend.

We stan a president who knows how to get down to Crazy In Love, let me tell ya.

The couple were snapped by excited fans of Bey and Jay, getting down to Jay-Z’s iconic song N****s In Paris,  (and the former POTUS and FLOTUS) in a box at the FedExField, meaning we have a bunch of the same video from slightly different angles.

Here’s another one for you.

Look at them! Mum and Dad out on the wines having a bit of a boogie to their favourite artist, just having a great Saturday evening out. Kids are probably at home taking care of themselves while Mum and Dad head off to an epic date night.

Bless them, and bless this perfect Monday morning content that we do not deserve, but definitely, need.

Naturally, the footage of the power couple sent people online spiralling into feelings of deeply missing the Obamas in the Oval Office, because God knows we’d never in a billion years see Trump having a dance along to two of the most powerful and influential people of colour in the music world.

Just enjoy this perfect daggy parents content, the Obamas are arguably the best and most-switched on presidential power couple the world has ever seen, so hey here’s another video of them getting stuck right into it from a slightly different angle.