Paul Kelly Is Guest Hosting ‘Rage’ This Weekend & You Bet Your Ass He’s Dropping ‘212’

It might only be 13 hours on a bus from St Kilda to Kings Cross, but it’s not gonna be much more than that until your old mate and Australia’s Uncle Paul Kelly graces TV screens thanks to what’s sure to be a pretty spectacular slot as guest host of Rage this weekend.

[jwplayer yiye2HNG]

The ABC has confirmed that Kelly will step into the Rage host’s couch – or rather, the show took the unusual step of taking the portable neon sign to Kelly’s house – as part of their ongoing Ausmusic Month coverage, and while “Paul Kelly hosts Rage” alone should have you champing at the bit for a coupla evenings with The Gravy Man on the 1s and 2s, it’s the tunes he’s apparently selected that are noteworthy here.

While the full playlist of sure to be hot fire isn’t available just yet, Rage officials did release a snippet, and honestly? You can blow me down with a bloody feather here:

Yes, you’re reading that right.

Paul Kelly.

Paul By-God Kelly.

Playing Azealia Banks‘ mammoth 2011 dancefloor smash hit, 212.

On Rage.

This weekend.

The Rage press release promises we will “hear the stories behind the stories” of the songs he’s picked for the playlist, and while I know that largely means he’s going to chat about his own tunes I hope to almighty god there’s a yarn in there about PK wandering down Hindley St on an ordinary Sunday only to find himself so grabbed by the undeniable thrum of 212 that he greased up his knees and popped his ass down to the d-floor as if it were a powerful magnet and his buttocks naught but lead.

Paul Kelly’s tilt in the Rage chair begins at 10am this coming Saturday, before continuing again later that night at 11:29pm.

Get around the great man.