Paris Hilton Released A New Song & All The Proceeds Go To Charity Bc She’s A Generous Queen

Paris Hilton released a new dance track with LODATO called ‘I Blame You’ and of course, it fucking slaps.

The song is a dedication to the love of Hilton’s life, who I’m assuming is her current boo Carter Reum. Although, it could also be one of her famous pooches.

‘I Blame You’ is the star’s first solo track since 2018, and it’s undeniably a bop-and-a-half. It’s such a feel-good track that I can see it absolutely going off at one of Paris’ DJ sets. Maybe at the next Chemist Warehouse Christmas party? Yes that’s right, she DJ’d at the Melbourne one back in 2018.

The dance-anthem hits a little different to Hilton’s first album Paris, released in 2006. Hilton’s voice sounds more mature in this track, which makes sense since considering there’s about 14-years between them.

“So excited to announce that my new single ‘I Blame You’ produced by @DjLodato comes out this Friday, October 16th,” she wrote on Instagram.

All the proceeds from this bop are going to Breaking Code Silence, who are a movement organised by a group of survivors and activists to protect vulnerable youth from institutionalised abuse.

This comes after Hilton launched a protest outside her former boarding school, after opening up about the abuse she allegedly endured there in her documentary This Is Paris.

At the protest, Hilton was joined by other former students of the Provo Canyon School.

In a post on Instagram she wrote: “Yesterday was one of the most empowering moments of my life!”

“Returning to the place that has haunted my nightmares since I was a teen. Being there surrounded by hundreds of other survivors who have all endured the same pain & abuses that I have.

“Showing our abusers that we will no longer be silent & expose them for all the evil terrible things that they have done. Taking back our power & making it loud & clear that this child abuse needs to end!”

At 17, Hilton was sent to Provo because her parents thought she was partying too much. She spent 11 tortuous months at the school, where she claims the staff beat her, watched her shower and forced her take unknown pills.


Hilton is now fighting back and helping to uplift other voices who faced similar abuse. Organising protests is just the beginning, our lord and saviour Paris also started a petition, and now is using her new track to to raise funds for the cause.

Is there anything she can’t do? No, the answer is no.