Oi, Students: Spotify Is Hooking You Up With 50% Off Premium From Today

Music streaming juggernauts, Spotify, have today announced a real bloody treat for Aussie students. 

From today, uni students will be eligible for Spotify’s premium service for $5.99 per month, which is half the regular price we non-learners have to pay. The offer is available for their entire student life. 
Spotify Premium gives users uninterrupted music sans the annoying ads, along with the ability to save songs and playlists for offline use and better quality audio. 
To celebrate the launch across 33 countries, the company have shared some interesting stats on what Aussie students like to listen to and fucking hell, you guys love a bit of pop and hip hop, don’t ya?
Most popular genres:
  1. Pop
  2. Dance Pop
  3. Pop Rap
  4. Rap
  5. Southern Hip Hop
  6. Hip Hop
  7. Trap Music
  8. Dwn Trap
  9. Post-Teen Pop
  10. Gangster Rap
Also, I have no idea what “Dwn Trap” is. Am I so out of touch?
If you’re a student who wants a piece of the musical pie, you can jump on it right here

Photo: Neighbours / Fremantle Media.