YES, MATE: Free Users Can Now Skip Pesky Ads On Spotify

Finally, all those moments where someone with a free Spotify account hooks up to the AUX cord, only to totally ruin an otherwise belting dance party with a mood-busting ad will be ~relatively~ be a thing of the past, now that the streaming service has allowed for listeners to skip over ads in the app.

Active Audio is being rolled out for free, ad-supported accounts from today, meaning that the listener has control over whether they want to see, hear, or skip an ad that pops up while they’re listening/watching through the app.

It’s a bit like those ad segments in your fave podcast. You know, the ones that you skip past with that godsend of a +15sec button. Praises be to that little button.

On the ad side of things, brands will only have to pay for ads of theirs that are fully completed by a user, and the habits of users on whether they listen to an ad or not will help Spotify’s team to figure out what ads to serve, personalising the listener’s experience on the app.

The main takeaway for those of us who don’t wanna shell out for a premium account is that now you can be confident with that AUX cord at the party, skip through those pesky ads, and not risk breaking the vibe with ads.

Now, don’t be like me and accidentally change songs when the dancefloor is in the middle of singing along to Toto‘s ‘AfricaBelieve me, it’s a huge party faux pas.