Exclusives Be Damned: Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Is Now Available On Spotify

Frank Ocean‘s album-of-the-year contender Blonde arrived in August, and by now, we’re sure you’ve heard it by, erm, some means or other. If you wanted to listen to it legally, though, then your only option was Apple Music, where it remained an exclusive for the first three weeks of its release. 
Exclusivity be damned, though: earlier today, Blonde arrived on Spotify, officially doubling the number of streaming services on which it’s available. In a word? 
The album is still unavailable on Tidal, Soundcloud Go, Amazon Prime, Music Face, Sound FlangeBeats By Blake Lively or any number of other streaming services that we just made up. 
You’ll have to search for Blonde on Spotify if you want to find it, thanks to the company’s policy that material by artists who have given exclusives to other services won’t appear on ‘featured playlists’ or in the new release section. 
To save you a crucial couple of seconds, here you go.
Source: Time.
Photo: Andrew Chin / Getty.