Watch The Moment Ocean Alley Realised They’d Scored #1 On The Hottest 100

Full credit to ’em, it’s a big day for Ocean Alley.

The Sydney six-piece scored the coveted number one spot on the 2018 Triple J Hottest 100 thanks to their massive hit tune Confidence, a spot they scored after beating out the likes of Childish Gambino and Travis Scott along the way.

[jwplayer vWVjZGsz]

But while they were the odds-on favourite heading into today’s countdown, there’s always a small amount of lingering doubt until the result is actually confirmed.

That moment of confirmation was captured on film by Triple J presenter Bridget Hustwaite as the lads listened to the number two track, FISHER‘s Losing It, hit the airwaves, paving the way for Confidence to slot comfortably into the top spot.

Wrap yr lookin’ gear around the pivotal moment below.

To be fair, if you’re being invited into the Triple J studios on Hottest 100 day at around about the time the #1 track is being revealed, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea that today’s gonna be a good day for you. Hence the lack of confetti and champagne showers or whatever, I guess.

Still, that’s the kind of overjoyed relief and excitement you just can’t buy. A lofty mantle and a thoroughly deserved one at that, as anyone who’s caught them live in concert over the past 12 months or so will likely tell you.

Huge effort, mates. Crack open a cold ten or so and celebrate, why not.

Hell, let’s all crack open a cold ten! No work tomorrow! No rules! No gods! No masters!!!