Voting in this year’s Hottest 100 countdown is officially open as of this morning, and in celebration Triple J has lifted the lid on what might well be the crime of the century: Did Liam Stapleton forget to put his votes in or not?

This year’s star-studded trailer for the Hottest 100 countdown has dropped, and the blessed Triple J has gone full-true crime doco, right down to a remarkably good parody of the Netflix logo, for a Making a Murderer-style dive into Liam’s apparently egregious crime, the investigation and prosecution of which begins to quickly unravel as the microscope gets turned onto it.

The cast in this year’s outstanding video effort sports the likes of A$AP RockyReggie WattsMontaignePeking DukClient LiaisonCharli XCXVance JoyBrockhamptonVera BlueSteve AokiMiddle KidsHockey DadCub SportKing PrincessOcean AlleyAlex The Astronaut, and a swathe of others, all working together to figure out whether Liam was truly guilty of not putting his Hottest 100 votes in, or whether a prank-obsessed Ben Harvey is the real criminal who managed to escape scrutiny.

Did Liam put his votes in? Did Ben stitch him up royally? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself.

Going by that, the evidence is clear. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

Also whose Patreon do we have to subscribe to in order to a get Steve Aoki his own Judge Judy-style show because old mate is wearing that judicial wig and robe.

The voting lines on this year’s Hottest 100 are open right now, and will remain open until 9am on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Get at it via Triple J immediately.