No One Took Splendour Prep More Seriously Than This Bloke W/ A Triple J Tatt

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Splendour In The Grass has already delivered us its first hero: this young tradie who loves triple j so damn much, he got the iconic red drum inked on his ankle just two days ago.
The ink might be recent, but it wasn’t a decision he took lightly, apparently, saying that it took “three months of heavy thinking” before he committed to the red drum. 
He says he listens to the radio station every day at work, and wanted to show his support in a novel way.
“When my grandkids ask me one day, ‘Why’d you get the tattoo?’, I’ll be like, ‘cos I love triple j, and you’d better be listening to it right now.

“Sorry mum and dad, love youse, but… triple j.”
It’s prompted a bit of a triple j tat pissing contest in the comments, with a number of other punters showing off their own red ink:
Or their plans / provocations to get said drum drummed into their skin forever more:
I’m not saying that getting a radio station logo tattooed on your body is a bad idea; but maybe – just maybe – pressing what is essentially a fresh open wound against the skin of hundreds of other music lovers while sweating and writhing isn’t the most hygienic of options.
Ah, fuck it. Get the tats. May the battle of Who Loves Australia’s Government-Funded Youth Radio Station The Most begin.
Source & image: Facebook / Triple J.