Nirvana? There’s an App For That

Nirvana’s Nevermind has been released by Universal Music as a ‘classic album’ on iPad.

One of a string of new releases for Apple’s tablet which includes records by Rush and The Rolling Stones, the Classic Albums App allows users to investigate what went into making some of the most seminal albums of all time (‘Of All Time!’) by watching, clicking and commenting. More a DVD doco than an album, you won’t find any full Nirvana gems on here, but rather videos which detail the kind of trivial stuff that will win you the meat tray at your local RSL. There’s also the added bonus of seeing Dave Grohl beating the skins back when he looked like Patti Smith.

In other news, you can also comment on pieces of footage via social networks. That sounds like a really great way to piss off a whole lot of grunge fans (Sample Tweet: yo @kurtcobain what the hell does this song mean man? #whatever) or show your incredible, sweaty nerd capacity for retaining Nirvana factoids. In any case, it’s got to be more interesting than the one on Rush.

via The Guardian.