Dave Grohl will assemble the original Nirvana lineup – sans the deceased Cobain, obviously – for the seventh Foo Fighters album, due out April 12.

Grohl, who since the conclusion of Nirvana in ’94 has gone onto sell around 15 million records, win three Grammy’s and play stadiums the world over, has been the most successful member at avoiding the dreaded post-Nirvana depression syndrome (PNDS).

While Pat Smears [former Nirvana touring guitarist] is now a permanent fixture in the Foo Fighters lineup, former bassist and accordion player Krist Noveselic has failed to enjoy the successes he was once endowed with. Perhaps this is a philanthropic venture? Grohl has also confirmed that Nevermind producer Butch Vig will head the production duties, which will take place in Dave’s garage.

“We had Krist Novoselic come in and play bass [on the song], and I’m not exactly sure what the song’s about, but to me, it seems there’s definitely some references about Kurt Cobain, and it’s one of the most primal, raw things the Foo Fighters have ever done, and I think it’s one of the best tracks on the record,” Vig said. “It’s distorted and raw, and Dave, the take on the vocals is like the first take he did at the end of the song. He’s just blowing his lungs out. … We played the record for some people yesterday, and the whole record is great, but that song, God, it’s quite an emotional roller-coaster ride when you hear it.”

Could this be another Color and the Shape in the works?

Fragments of the record can be heard at foofighters.fm.