New Avalanches LP To Feature Ariel Pink?

Today in unsubstantiated internet rumours we desperately hope aren’t just unsubstantiated internet rumours: The Avalanches’ long gestating sophomore LP will feature Ariel Pink says administrator of Avalanches forum! We sure hope so. In 2008, Modular linchpin Steve Pavlovic promised a Christmas Day delivery that never materialized and in the ten years since the band released their seminal debut “Since I Left You” – fans, internet trolls and music journalists have long speculated on the status of their followup.

Yesterday Pitchfork flamed the rumour fire by highlighting the aforementioned Avalanches board which states that pending an Ariel Pink vocal take or two, the album is pretty much done. For those playing detective at home, Modular Records notes that “after an overlong silence, the ever-mythical album number two is said to be very near.“. Plus Ariel Pink is in the Avalanches top friends (top friend status is still a concrete litmus test for musical collaboration right?) and the status update on The Avalanches Myspace page has changed from “…are clearing samples” to “since we left you…” so if anyone has Robert Langdon’s phone number please tell him to decipher the real meaning of that update. It’s been ten years dammit.

Now to one of the most rapturous songs of the last decade…

And one of this decade’s most rapturous…

Can you imagine?