The ‘Neighbours’ Theme Song Has A Mardi Gras Remix & Mates, It Fucken Slaps

Neighbours are all over it for this year’s Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Not only do they have a float in the parade, they’re filming scenes during the night – and they’ve now dropped a bloody BANGER of a remix of their hit theme song.

[jwplayer 2vos7s9m]

You’d expect a remix of a theme song that’s been around for over 30 years to be absolute hell on Earth, but you’d be wrong in this instance. It SLAPS, guys. It fucken SLAPS.

Try and tell me that isn’t making you bop in your seat. I’ve personally put the tune on repeat and I’ve choreographed this sort of head-bop, butt-wiggle move that’s really letting out the pent up energy we’ve all got coursing through our veins pre-Mardi Gras. Get onto it.

The tune was produced by Dariush Etemad, and it’ll obviously be thumping during the Neighbours float appearance on Saturday night.

If you’re in Sydney for Mardi Gras, I will let you know that the Neighbours float will feature the entire current cast of the show, as well as 60 crew and Fremantle staff. It’s a big celebration of the recent marriage of characters Aaron and David, which was the first same-sex marriage for Aussie TV. Fuck yeah.

FYI because I missed this, but they had bloody MAGDA SZUBANSKI as their celebrant on the show, and you know how much I adore Magda.

Anyway, if this song isn’t playing in every single Aussie office and car by the end of today, it’s frankly rude.