There’s A ‘Rocketman’ Singalong To Kick Off Mardi Gras So Hold Me Closer, Tiny Singers

It really doesn’t take much to get me singing at the best of times. I belt it out in the car, I hum along to my tunes at work, and I sure as hell disturb my neighbours with 70s tunes at 11pm (I’ve only gotten one noise complaint, I promise).

And sure, I know that there are some places you shouldn’t sing, but it’s so temptinggggg. Every time I stand in an awkward elevator or chomp popcorn as the lights go down at the cinemas, I’m tempted to bust out a chorus just to give it some ambience — but alas, you mustn’t do these things.

Except it turns out you CAN SING AT THE CINEMAS.


clear the goddamn stage, I’m busting for it

Okay you can only sometimes sing at the cinemas, but you can DEFINITELY sing at the special Mardi Gras singalong screening of Rocketman at American Express Openair Cinemas on February 28th in Bondi

That’s right, not only is it a designated singalong (so nobody can shush you, it’s the dream), it’s all tunes from the magnificent repertoire of the one and only Elton John. It’s all to celebrate Mardi Gras, so grab your biggest pair of outlandish sunglasses and get ready to bust out some bangers.

We’re talking Tiny Dancer. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Crocodile Rock. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting. Bennie and the Jets. The list goes ON and ON and honestly I’m going on vocal rest right now to prepare for the evening.

imagine singing so hard your leg just goes OOP

For real though, if hollering at a screen with a bunch of strangers is your jam then you best don some electric boots and a mohair suit, because tickets start at just $25, or $20 if you’re and Amex Card Member.

Besides, there’s also going to be a stack of pizzas available from Rocketboy (because honestly, you gotta run with the theme here) and some bevvies to keep you juuust tipsy enough not to feel shame at all the bung notes you hit when you attempt the high notes in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. We’ve all been there.

Grab tix here, coz it’s gonna be a long, long time til touchdown brings us down again for another singalong.