6 Incredibly Extra Snacks If You Wanna Be The Mardi Gras Host With The Most

Mardi Gras is here, baby. From the colourful parade to seeing queen Vanessa Amorosi perform her amazingly camp hits, Mardi Gras is the bloody joy we all need in the world right now.

If you’re wanting to plan an out-of-this-world party but – like absolutely everybody else – are feeling the effects of two years of lockdowns, then have no fear. 

We’ve compiled the most extra, on theme snacks for you to impress your pals and be the Mardi Gras host with the most. 

Fairy Bread 

She’s an Aussie staple, a diamond of the party spread, and honestly, under-appreciated these days. It should be law to have fairy bread at every gathering in Australia. Anyway, this snack is perfectly on brand as the rainbow sprinkles will get you in the party mood and give you the sweet, sweet serotonin of nostalgia. 

Flirty Foods

Hot dogs, sausages, meatballs, oh my. Nothing says ‘extra’ than a table full of phallic food. Order in some local artisan hot dogs or chuck some snags on the barbie. Depending on their maturity level, your guests may get a chortle out of the on-theme snacks. While we’re on the topic, why not chuck some grapefruit, figs or oysters on the table as well? It’s 2022 after all.

Salsa & Guac

Mexican food is always a party treat but also on brand for Mardi Gras. The beautiful rainbow colours represent festivities, fun, and just taste bloody good. Ensure you pick up purple onions, corn and fresh limes for the traditional Mardi Gras festival colours. 

Rainbow Bagel

We’re back to the rainbow food, okay? Have you seen those rainbow bagels on Instagram? They’re fun, they’re colourful, they’re very good at soaking up alcohol. You’ll have to order them in unless you’re committed to the prep because bagels are not something to just whip up while you’re applying your eyeshadow. Consider yourself warned.

Stick A Sparkler In It 

Just straight up. Pizza, burgers, nachos whatever it is, the party will most definitely be started with a fkn sparkler plonked in the middle of it. Your guests will simply be too stunned to speak. 

Themed Cocktails

Okay, okay it’s not really a snack but what’s a party without a little tipple? One Sydney distillery has even created Mardi Gras themed gin so you can top up your guests with the fruity Big Daddy, sweet Watermelon Riot and Express Yourself espresso martini. Forgotten to pick up the drinks at the last minute? DoorDashers can zoom the party to you. 

Alright, that’s enough unhinged party suggestions. Feeling inspired? CBF to cook? Nab 30% off your first four orders with DoorDash (maximum discount $10). Head to the app and use the code: 30OFF for your very own extra Mardi Gras snack. 

Image Source: Victoria Scone on Instagram