Jesus Christ, Montaigne & Didirri Are Both Gunning For Eurovision Next Year

Montaigne and Didirri, two of the strongest voices in the Australian indie music scene, are slated to bring their good-as-hell vocals to Eurovision – Australia Decides.

The musos will join Vanessa Amorosi, Casey Donovan, Mitch Tambo, and iOTA in the competition, with each vying to be the next Kate Miller-Heidke at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands.

Montaigne, who matches the vocal theatrics of her lauded debut Glorious Heights on new LP Complex, said she’ll revel in the chance to just bloody go for it.

“I’m excited to participate in Eurovision – Australia Decides for the opportunity to release the part of me that is dramatic and extreme,” she said.

“I manage to do it without a massive international music event as impetus, but on the big stage in Europe in front of millions would be everything the drama queen egomaniac inside me could want and more.”

Didirri, who has racked up legions of fans for his stripped-back anthems, said the comp is the perfect place to celebrate a solid tune.

Oh, he also name-dropped Eurovision’s biggest success story.

“I’m a fan of ABBA, they wrote unfiltered, iconic anthems,” the bloke said.

“My sister and I used to sing their stuff together in the bathroom. Who knows how they have influenced me, I’m quite a mix bag of ideas.”

Eurovision – Australia Decides will return to the Gold Coast in February next year.