Beloved waif Michael Cera is a many splendored thing. Actor, sure. Awkwardly funny dude, you bet. Compatible style match with 99% of all indie band members currently? Darn tootin’. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that in the couple of years since his big acting boon wound down (voluntarily, it should be noted) he’s apparently been busy banging away at some sweet, sweet tuneage.

Treading in the fierce footsteps of Beyonce, Cera very quietly dropped a full-length album overnight to very little fanfare. The first public revelation of the record coming in the form of Superbad superpal Jonah Hill giving his boy a shout out on the ole’ Twitters.

The album, entitled True That, is 18 tracks of really low-fi indie/folk/twinkly/twee pop music that features a swathe of instrumental tracks, and few with Cera’s hushed voice layered over the top.

And it… Actually, it’s pretty darned good, to be perfectly honest. It’s not obtrusive or that obnoxious. It’s right in the pocket of where it needs to be, rather than being just a part-time weekend musician fumbling around in the dark without worrying about where he wants to go. There’s a level of control and certainty to it. And that’s surprising in the best possible way.

Of course, Cera’s no musicial novice. His instrumental nous has been on display in movies like Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Paper Heart and Juno.

Check out the album embedded below and decide for yourself.

Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images.