LISTEN: This Baffling Song By Willow Smith & Michael Cera Is The Future

If you were to mix Willow Smith‘s ‘I Whip My Hair Back & Forth’, and Michael Cera‘s 2014 ‘bedroom indie-rock’ album, you would get… well, you still wouldn’t get this. 
The pair have teamed up to produce one of the weirdest, most adorable songs of this century. And we’re being very serious when we say that this track was not made for our time.
It’s name is ‘twentyfortyeight 2.0‘, which we can only assume is the year that this song will feel acknowledged as a normal part of the popular music landscape.  
The track is a spoken word lullaby where Willow talks about nebulous yellow-hued shapes trying to warn us about our manufactured society. You read that correctly. 
It is... something. 
You’ve been warned:

Source: Soundcloud.
Photo: Christopher Polk & Jason Merritt / Getty.