Glorious: 10,000 Ppl In Melbourne Break World Record For Most Kazoos Played Simultaneously

More than 10,000 people flooded into Melbourne’s Federation Square to set a world record for the most people playing the world’s greatest instrument (besides the recorder) — the kazoo — at the same time.

Saturday’s event was part of Rising (Melbourne’s answer to Vivid?) and was organised by composer and musician Ciaran Frame.

Its program listing advertised the event as “a big, unifying, howling moment in the heart of Melbourne, in Federation Square, and anyone can take part.”

We love to see it.

Comedian Sammy J was on hosting duties while emojis appeared on the big screen, indicating when the kazoo choir was supposed to play (“play” is a loose term).

Attendees were each given a biodegradable kazoo (so don’t get lippy in the comments section) and asked to blow for their lives when the command was given.

One such budding kazooist was social media personality Lena Tuck who kindly offered her thoughts on the momentous occasion to PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“It was kazootiful,” she said, clearly proud of both her musical achievement and her A+ pun.

“10,000 people showed up to support kazoos and it was the best afternoon I could’ve ever asked for.

“Best day of my life.”

kazoo o’clock in melbourne, australia. credit @lenasdoingthings via instagram.
bag secured. credit @lenasdoingthings via instagram.

However, the day wasn’t without hiccups with reports of Melburnians having their kazoos mistaken for vapes.

“I picked up my kazoo at the bar to regale the bartender with a lovely tune and he told me to step outside to vape — then he saw it — the kazoo,” Lena said, recounting her post-world-record-breaking celebration activities.

Rising festival continues until June 18 and features a metric shit tonne of exhibits, activations and events throughout the City of Melbourne.

Although, I doubt anything can top that DIY kazoo orchestra.