Manicure Moscow’s Post-Punk Hopefuls

Moscow band Manicure borrow the gloomy 80s post-punk aesthetic of Joy Division and The Cure and in less than a year have earnt the title as one of the ‘most promising bands of the Russian independent rock scene.’

Manicure formed just over a year ago in a freak act of family bonding. The two girls are sisters, and Zhenia the vocalist is the husband of Polina the guitarist. A family that listen to Robert Smith together, stays together.

From their standout track ‘I Don’t’ to their latest hits ‘Atomic summer’ and ‘I wanna be free’ Manicure are constantly honing their nervy melancholic sound. Zhenya’s Ian Curtis like delivery combine with his impudent lyrics to make Manicure an act to watch. And if you need further evidence they’ve already shared stages with These New Puritans, Neils Children, Elictricity In Our Homes and She Wants Revenge.

Anna Frost is Pedestrian’s Russian Standard Editor at Large and is stationed in Moscow. She also writes about all things fashion at her aptly titled blog Anna Frost Daily Fashion.