A Lady Could Lose Her Thumb After A Botched Manicure & My Nails Will Now Raw-Dog Forevermore

bad manicure

Think choosing from 1899 nail polish colours is the biggest issue you could face at a nail salon? Sorry, but objectively wrong. In horrifying news, a Perth woman is potentially going to lose her thumb thanks to a no-good manicure.

As per 9News, a 48-year-old woman named Sue is claiming she contracted bone-eating bacteria after getting her nails done in Perth’s north. Bone-eating bacteria. I’m only ordering boneless chicken from here on out. How the fook does one contract bone-eating bacteria?

Sue claims that the hygiene rules weren’t followed during her salon visit two whole years ago when the technician ground her nails away and soaked them in acetone — believing they were acrylic. “I did tell them they were my actual nails but they kept grinding them still,” Sue said.

Basically she’s contracted a staph infection which is slowly eating away at the bone in her thumb, and as you can imagine, has been in a world of pain for the last two years. I mean, a bacteria gnawing off your bone would feel far from delightful. “It really throbs and you can’t get away from it,”  Sue told 9News.

Sue spent five days in hospital following the manicure, where a surgeon removed a chunk of her thumb bone. She is now taking legal action (Sue, sue?), seeking compensation and is pushing for better hygiene regulations. For context, in the last 12 months Consumer Protection WA has received 10 nail procedure complaints.

Doctors say the worst-case scenario for Sue would be losing her thumb altogether.

I think we can all agree that we’d prefer to have an ugly, unpainted thumb than no thumb — you need those things for simple hand coordination — so make sure you do your research before moseying on into any old salon, keeping in mind that there are no specific hygiene laws for nail salons (just guidelines).

Personally, my nails will be raw-dogging until either wedding season or when I recover from writing this story. Whichever comes first.