Friends, if you have a problem with looking at feet or super-high stacks of acrylic nail paint attached to peoples fingers as they flush a toilet, maybe avert your eyes for this one.

Introducing nail artist and TikToker @fashion_nailart, who is documenting her process of painting her nails over 5400 times to make a massive acrylic paint stack. Yes it’s impressive, yes it’s functional, yes it’s gross as hell.

The tower of nails started off as a challenge to make a stack that includes 3000 strokes of nail paint, but eventually continued to climb up to 4000, and then 5000. It goes without saying that that’s a lot of fkn nail to have on your hand. At least she’ll be able to scratch those hard to reach spots on her back??

If you still don’t believe it’s true, you can have a look for yourself right here. Be warned, such visuals are not for those who aren’t tough as nails.


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I bet you’re also wondering, what can a person even do while they have such a hefty tower of nails attached to them?

Well, fear not, because this next TikTok shows you all of the advantages to having the Leaning Tower of Pisa on your thumb.


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Late last month @fashion_nailart took the massive stack off her hand, and posted what the process of taking it off looks like.

Honestly, the feeling of relief that I felt just by watching this was insane, and I’m not even the one harbouring the weight of the acrylic world/


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However, taking off the stack hasn’t stopped @fashion_nailart from continuing the stack, and now she’s attached the whole thing onto her feet.

Someone, please stop this woman.

According to this next video, the stack has achieved a total of 5,400 strokes of acrylic nail polish. Absolutely insane. Soon the tower will be taller than she is.


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Well that’s everything to report on (so far). I suddenly have the urge to trim my nails. Take a cold bath. I just feel unclean after all this, y’know.

If you need me you can find me at home with my nails unpainted. I may be a homosexual, but this TikTok vid has disturbed me into ditching the paint for a bit.