WATCH: Lorde Releases Easter Egg-Packed Video Clip For ‘Perfect Places’

Ya girl Lorde has released the video clip for her ode to getting fuck-eyed with your mates – ‘Perfect Places‘ – and it’s basically a tropical paradise wonderland found deep in the glowing lightbulb you’ve been staring at too long. I think.

Basically, she spends the clip serving up looks while running around solo on a tropical island, and it is indeed perfect. Primo shots in this clip include: Lorde floating in a river, fully clothed, drinking a tumbler of whiskey; Lorde shooting coconuts out of a tree with a shotgun; Lorde in a white dress, standing on a swing like some kind of wood nymph.

She promised that the clip included “a couple cute easter eggs” if you can spot them, and best guess? You’re probably going to need some kind of art history degree and/or an encyclopedic knowledge of Lorde tracks here.

TELL ME this isn’t a reference to some famous Renaissance painting.

If you know it, please @ me.

Watch and report back, thank you very much:

Fans are already diving deep on the reference thing.

So are they all referencing works of art..?

Or other Lorde tracks?

We’re WAITING, Ella.