Local Band Capitalise On Jess Cooper’s Party

Sydney band City Lights Fade have pulled a switcheroo on Facebook and are now set to capitalise heavily on the “Jess Cooper’s Party” meme.

The band created a Facebook page which was ostensibly an updated version of Jess Cooper’s party event. This of course attracted the meme-hungry masses, 73,000 in all, who promptly clicked “attend”. City Lights Fade then Rick Rolled everyone when they switched the page to a listing for one of their gigs. Check and mate.

Drummer/innovative thinker, Tobias McCallum, told the Sydney Morning Herald today: “About 72,990 people were hating on us, but at least it got 10 more people to the show.” That’s a good result if you ask me.

As congratulations for your heist, we’ll give you a free gig listing.

City Lights Fade play Killer at The St James Hotel, Friday March 25.

Upon hearing this news major label publicists will fight the urge to cry and masturbate at the exact same time.